We are ever mindful of the town/s in which we live and their surrounding beautiful natural resources. We feel blessed to live in an area that allow us to practice our favored passion of Fly Fishing. That also leads us feel a certain responsibility to “give back” as well to protect. Below are just some of the ways we’ve been able to show appreciation.

Payson Humane Society

The Payson Humane Society operates a Thrift store in town to provide operational funding for it’s programs. For several years we have partnered with them, by hosting an annual fishing equipment donation and collection day followed by a fishing equipment sale. This effort has raised several thousands of dollars for the Humane Society

Veterans Fly fishing

There is an organization in the Valley (Arizona Veterans Fly Fishing) that serves disabled veterans, many that suffer from PTSD, through the healing effects of fly fishing. We host this organization (previously known as “Project Healing Waters”) twice a year at our “home” lake Green Valley, where we start each visit with coffee and donuts followed by a fly fishing session on the lake with our members as “coaches”. Then wrapped up with a Lunch in the park before they head for home.

Julia Randall Elementary – Payson

After school fly fishing instruction is offered to interested 4th and 5th grade students who attend Julia Randall Elementary School in Payson, AZ
The spring program meets once a week for the full semester. The classroom sessions prepare students for the fly fishing sessions that start with casting practice and then culminate with several weeks of fly fishing with experienced fly fishing coaches.
The fall semester is offered once a week after school, but has a fly tying focus. The students tie several different fly patterns over the course of the semester, and every third week try out their creations on the fish in Green Valley Lake.
Additionally the 2nd grade class has “Trout in The Classroom” where they raise rainbow trout fingerlings from eggs and learn of their ecology.

Payson Parks and Recreation

Our members teach full day fly fishing classes offered through the Payson Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Department. For these Saturday classes. all needed equipment is provided.
Half of the day is in a classroom format where participants learn about: aquatic insects, useful flies for Rim Country, where to find fish and why, fly rods and reels, helpful fly fishing equipment, fly fishing knots, and additional useful information.
The casting/fishing session takes place at Green Valley Lake. After some initial casting demonstrations and practice, the participants and their coaches spend the rest of the time focused on what the participants would like to cover. Some choose to utilize their coach for refining their casting skills, while others choose to spend time on how to actually catch fish with a fly rod.
Participants need to register in advance either at the Parks and Rec. office or online as each session is limited to 10 fishers.

Consider Making a Donation

If your circumstances allow and you share our goals and focus, we would invite you to make a donation. Just click the button below and you will be guided.

Thank You!

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